Thursday, October 13, 2016

This natural nail soak will make your nails grow like crazy

Do you want your nails to grow faster naturally? Well there is an all natural nail soak that is supposed to make your nails grow like crazy. Ela Gale posted a video to her Youtube channel showing you exactly how to make this nail soak.

All you need is an orange, crushed garlic and olive oil. 

Ela used the nail soak on one hand twice a week for two weeks, and she shows viewers the difference. Her nails have grown so much on the hand where she used the nail soak. She says that if you do the nail soak for even a week, you should see results.

What you need to do is squeeze the juice from the orange, mix in a clove of crushed garlic, and let your nails sit in the mixture for ten minutes.

Then you let your nails dry for about fifteen minutes, and soak your nails in ¼ cup of olive oil for another five minutes.

If you do this nail rinse twice a week, you should notice that your nails are longer and stronger. The amazing results are due to the vitamin-packed recipe that are enriching your nails.

Ela says ‘the thing that I really love about this is that I have began to realize how much softer it makes your skin as well.’

This is definitely worth a try if you want longer, stronger nails. The best part is you probably already have these ingredients in your pantry.

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