Thursday, December 29, 2016

Shower in the morning to boost creativity and at night if you want to fall asleep

Most of us have a preferred time to shower - first thing in the morning or last thing at night. But a study has revealed how the timing of your bathroom ritual could affect your state of mind.

It found that morning showers can induce creativity and are good for stressed workers while evening showers help those who find it difficult to switch off at night. 

Dr Shelley Carson, a psychology lecturer at Harvard University, said morning showers can help those who are feeling stressed due to work or under pressure to be creative. 

Showering helps you relax but also makes you alert, so washing in the morning can stimulate creativity.  

'Your cognitive processes relax, renew, and regenerate, and your ideas and solutions will effortlessly present themselves,' she said, according to the NZ Herald.

Night-time showers are helpful because they regulate body temperature which can help you fall asleep more easily. 

'That rapid cooling after you get out of the shower or out of the bath tends to be a natural sleep inducer,' said Christopher Winter, MD at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, according to the Herald.

'So it's a nice way to fool your body into thinking it's time to go to bed.'

However, mixing up your shower routine to include both morning and evening cleansing, depending on stress levels and work schedules, could be the solution to get the best of both. 

As well as the timing, the temperature of the shower also has an effect. 

Dr Derek V Chan, a New York-based cosmetic and medical dermatologist, advised patients shower once a day.

And while hot showers feel great, Dr Chan urged people to opt for warm showers as they're better for the skin. 
'Hot showers may feel good, but in general, warm showers are better than hot showers'

'Using very hot water can reduce moisture in the skin and strip away many of the skin's natural lubricants.'

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