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The secret anti-aging properties of bone broth

Bone Broth – a centuries old superfood

Although bone broth is only now getting all the hype like most other superfoods, it’s been consumed for ages in many traditional cultures around the world.

The broth is made by simmering bones that still have connective tissue and skin in water with a dash of vinegar, which is said to help draw out minerals, for several hours. Vegetables and herbs can be added to improve the taste. You can find such bones at the local butcher’s or wherever they sell meat. Make sure to buy from organic grass-fed sources. 

Why is bone broth one of my most powerful clinical tools? First, it's packed with anti-aging nutrients. Here are just some of them:

  • Collagen. This structural protein builds strong skin, protecting against aging and wrinkling. While expensive collagen skin creams work temporarily, dietary collagen is far more potent because it mainlines collagen to your cells. In addition, the gelatin derived from collagen heals your digestive tract, helping to prevent inflammation that leads to aging.
  • Glycine. Your body is bombarded all day long with toxins that age you. Glycine helps your liver get these toxins out of your body, re-energizing and de-aging your cells.
  • Minerals including calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium. Bone broth is a fabulous source of these anti-aging minerals, and its chemical composition makes them highly bioavailable.
  • Glycosaminoglycans, including glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid. These nutrients help keep your joints young and flexible.
  • Iodine. Fish bone broth is rich in this nutrient, which protects against a sluggish thyroid — a major cause of weight gain, thinning hair, and energy loss as you age.

Bone broth skin benefits:

1. Delays wrinkles
Ditch the expensive collagen creams and take dietary collagen in the form of bone broth instead for youthful skin! Bone broth is super rich in collagen, which is broken down to form gelatin. Gelatin heals inflammation that leads to aging, reduces skin roughness, improves skin elasticity and keeps skin supple and wrinkle-free.

2. Promotes hair growth
Consuming bone broth will give you a healthier head of hair with lustrous locks and a moisturized scalp but did you know that it also promotes hair growth!

3. For healthy nails & cuticles
The gelatin in bone broth helps promote healthy and moisturized cuticles and nails. It also promotes nail growth and strengthens them. If you have weak, brittle and soft nails, no need to take supplements! Simply include bone broth as well as eggs, fatty fish and nuts like almonds in your diet.

4. Get rid of cellulite
Yes, bone broth will help you get rid of cellulite and attain smooth & flawless skin! Contrary to popular belief, cellulite does not come because of excess fat – even slender people can have cellulite! Cellulite is brought about by lack of enough connective tissue as well as build-up of toxins/clogged up lymphatic system. Bone broth not only increases the skin’s collagen but also helps flush out toxins which all help reduce cellulite.

5. Heals skin inflammation
Inflammatory skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, acne inflammation, rosacea and others can be reduced and naturally healed by drinking bone broth. The amino acids found in bone broth are powerful anti-inflammatory agents, which will soothe the inflammation, make it appear less noticeable as well as speed up healing.

6. Prevents stretch marks
As you already know, bone broth contains a lot of collagen, which is broken down into gelatin in the cooking process. Collagen is what keeps our skin elastic and it helps maintain our skin’s structural integrity. Eating collagen-rich foods like bone broth boost collagen production and prevent and fade away stretch marks.

7. Prevents & lifts sagging skin
The high levels of natural collagen help boost the skin’s collagen and improve the skin’s elasticity thereby keeping it taut and firm.

8. Treats acne
If you’ve tried changing your diet, all the anti-acne creams on the planet, et cetera, et cetera, and you’re still plagued by acne then maybe it’s time to start drinking bone broth. One major cause of acne is poor gut health including constipation, IBS, leaky gut and slow digestion. Clear your gut issues by consuming nutrient-rich and easy to digest bone broth! Gelatin in bone broth heals leaky gut and IBS as well as regulating bowel movements and flushing out toxins that pop out of the body as pus-filled acne.

9. Heals blemishes & scars
Collagen is necessary for healing scars and blemishes. A diet lacking in collagen and protein can delay healing of scars which is why some people have scars that can take years to completely heal. Protein – mostly from animal sources, is necessary for repairing worn out tissue as well as damaged skin cells. Glutamine and argine are two important amino acids found in animal protein that help in collagen formation in the body. Bone broth contains all these nutrients so drink up for a blemish-free face and speedy scar-healing!

10. Healthier looking skin
Do you have dark spots, flaky skin, acne scars, dark marks and an uneven complexion? The nourishing nutrients in bone broth, including hyaluronic acid – found in bone cartilage, coupled with collagen contribute to healthy looking skin by preserving moisture in cells.

11. Stronger teeth
Healthy, white and shiny teeth naturally enhance beauty and make a person look attractive! Keep your teeth strong, healthy and free from cavities by consuming calcium, magnesium and phosphorus-rich bone broth.

Bone broth reverses signs of aging better than any powder, pill or serum. And unlike expensive creams and prescription medications, bone broth costs next to nothing. So give it a try, and see what happens. I drink one cup of bone broth every day. You will see less inflammation, more glow and more toned skin. It repairs, strengthens, rejuvenates and heals. Within days, you'll start to see a difference — and within weeks, you'll start to look years younger.

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