Thursday, July 14, 2016

What drinking alcohol REALLY does to your skin

Regular drinkers are in danger of looking beyond their years. 

Have you been on a boozy night out in the last month? Your skin may still be feeling the effects of it. From the pounding headache to the feeling of regret, we all know that alcohol isn't good for our bodies but most of us don't think about the effect it's having on our face whilst we're knocking back that third glass of wine.

Many people regularly exceed the government's daily drinking guidelines of 2-3 units a day which, as well as putting their health at risk, also means they are in danger of looking beyond their years due to the effects long-term drinking can have on the appearance. 

Alcohol undoubtedly has an effect on our appearance in the short and long-term. As well as causing bloating and dark circles under your eyes, alcohol dries out skin and can lead to wrinkles and premature aging. 

Indeed, as LA-based dermatologist Dr Lancer, who treats the Beckhams and Kardashians, warns, it can take the skin up to 30 days to truly get over a hangover.

‘It takes about two to four weeks for that to regulate,' he told The Telegraph. 'Think about it, someone who has been on birth control pills is not usually totally hormonally static for three to six months after coming off them. 

'So when you have a hormonal jolt caused by a sugar fest – let’s say at a pizza party – there’s salt, dairy, carbohydrates and alcohol. It will take about 30 days for that to naturally calm down. A glass of the finest red wine is 400 calories of sugar.’

He also goes on to explain that your hangover cure isn't any better; claiming you may as well 'shoot yourself' if you're going to mop up the night before's alcohol with a fry-up.

'You might as well paint blemishes on your face,' he says, instead recommending a bowl of kale with balsamic vinaigrette and grilled organic chicken. 

Building on Dr Lancer's comments, Caroline Hithcock, Simple Skin Expert and Facialist, warns: 'Alcohol dehydrates the body generally and the skin causing dryness and wrinkles. Too much alcohol can deprive the skin of vital vitamins and nutrients needed for a healthy glowing complexion.

'It can also cause the blood vessels to dilate, sometimes permanently, leaving broken capillaries and red spots, as well as cause under eye and general puffiness due to the toxic effects on the body.

'Alcohol depletes vitamin A, which is essential for cell renewal, leaving the skin with a dull gray appearance, and it can trigger breakouts, and bring on outbreaks of rosacea, eczema, psoriasis.' 

Many people forget that alcohol also affects their sleep, which doesn't do skin any favours. 

'But cutting down a glass size, or having a break some nights, the result could make a huge difference to how they look and feel.' 

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